Saturday, August 4, 2012


This is a seperate post I am doing bc plant girl in particular has been something I tend to draw often, here is a little back history. I kind of figured I take you through a little tour of what I have record of.

2001 I was highly infatuated with Gustav Klimt from the day I first saw a 
painting by him, I was also very influenced by him. I made a painting of two women one emerging from the ground and one decaying into the ground, I never documented this but once I find it,  I shall!!

2006: A sketch I did of a tree made of women, also influenced by Gustav Klimt, but I started using my own textures.

2007: A comic exercise where we took an existing comic cover and created an image that was completely unrelated. I believe I started honing in on my own style around this time. Becoming more infatuated with textures! So this is around the beginning of my metamorphosis.

2008: A concept from an art exhibit I was creating. Women trees with long necks!

2009: A coworker and I at Utrecht would sketch during down time. Paul Merkercher would draw character concepts and I would soop them up with my texturing skills!! As you can see I  started getting better with variation in my textures :).

  On the left: Paul's line work in red. On the right: What I came up with from basic sketch.

2012: FINALLY she emerges again! PLANT GIRL !! We are now up to date. I basically spent 2010 and 2011 making movies and doing 3D so it's nice to have time to feed my creativity :)!

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