Thursday, November 25, 2010

this still exists!!

After ten years of deleting my philosphy website that was so ridiculous, yet insightful...the personal journal I made still exists on this void of lost souls!!

what nonsense....boogers!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

old pictures I found

did these with a mouse only and photoshop elements when I was frekken 19


I'm terrible at interviews and I also don't have any pictures of my art! how is that! I'm a photographer I should have pictures of my art. :P.
I have to be honest I'm a bit embarrassed and she reworded some of what I said sooo it doesn't really feel like it's me but oh well. It was a learning experience for next time ;P.

aggg that's a long url....
I actually submitted two pieces of art for my interview and they chose the sculpture.
I don't blame them this picture was taken with a low res phone camera. I don't have the original unfortunately . It got sold at an auction and Iwas unable to take a decent photo of it before it was taken. I will have to redo one with the similar style so I can get a decent image of the technique I used. Atleast it went smoother than the last interview i had errrggg....

If you are curious.

This was before the mass website explosion so I had only a word document from her. Plus it's OC we're behind the times. :P.
Update. I just realized I acomplished a goal. I got myself out there now I have to get recognition! :P. Can't wait to graduate so I can start working on things I really love :)