Sunday, July 20, 2014

It's been over 6 MONTHS!

I apologize for the huge gap! Social media has been hard to keep up on since I have not been spending much time on the interwebs via my computer! I just got a new phone for the time being and it allows me to keep up more with the NOW X)! So I guess I will be keeping up with it from now on :).

Life has definitely been good although no longer working a desk job does keep me somewhat out of the loop. Strange that a computer would actually keep you in the loop rather than living real life and socializing :p! Oh well, life has been crazy busy but I am keeping somewhat of a handle on it.

Throughout the past 6 months I have joined quite a few markets and a good amount of galleries! My favorite to show at is LTD art Gallery! I will be doing a post dedicated to just them next. I have also branched out to LA. I was lucky enough to have a piece in UglyCon at Giant Robot Gallery. That was a huge highlight for me! My work was also shown in two shows at Supahcute. Which is smaller but is actually my favorite LA gallery for the time being. There are many more galleries I am venturing out to but it will take hard work and time. I will definitely be keeping you posted!

As for what is next, I am currently concentrating on a solo show in August and BlytheCon! This year it is in Seattle so please come join us!!